The Leisure Management (LM) Internship program is required for each LM undergraduate student. It consists of working in the field for a whole semester and the completion of four courses, i.e.,

  • Practical Training I (1 cr)

  • Practical Training II (1 cr)

  • Leisure Professional Internship(5cr) 

  • Practical Training for Leisure Industry (4cr)

In the 5th or 6th semester, students are required to work in the field, when they must register for Leisure Professional Internship (5cr) and Practical Training for Leisure Industry (4cr) and pay university tuition for those courses.

The primary purpose of the LM Internship program is to enable students to
meet their educational objectives through participation in a well-planned and organized practical experience. Through the internship experiences, students can personally experience working in the leisure industry. This experience will enhance their awareness of leisure associated issues, and test what they have learned from the classes, actually attaining the goals of merging theory and practice while fostering their competitiveness in the job market.