Vision of ISU
I-Shou University aims to be an international comprehensive university that champions Intellectual Innovation, Social engagement, and Universal sustainability.

Mission of College
In consonance with the university vision, the mission of the College of Tourism and Hospitality:

Developing our students to become competitive and responsible individuals, and to excel in their chosen field of study or career with a global mindset.

To fulfill the mission, we value intellectual contributions and professional development among the faculty, and master changes with continuous improvement to meet the needs of our stakeholders. Specifically, utilizing the infrastructure provided by the university, we emphasize four strategic priorities:

1. Teaching and learning,

2. Research and intellectual contribution,

3. Partnership with business and community.

4. Global awareness and internationalization.

 College Learning Goals and Program Objectives

Learning Goals


LG 1
Discipline-specific knowledge and skills

Possession of the basic knowledge and skills in tourism and hospitality

LG 2
Global perspective

Possession of the holistic global perspectives

LG 3
Innovation and integration ability

Possession of the ability to investigate and explore knowledge

Possession of the ability in creative thinking and problem-solving

LG 4
Information technology application

Possession of the skills and knowledge in information technology

LG 5
Ethics and morality

Ability to understand the professional ethics and corporate social responsibilities

LG 6
Social awareness

Possession of the ability to communicate effectively

Possession of the ability to cooperate with team members

LG 7
Life attitude

Possession of the attitude to respect multi-cultural values