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The University is about to issue an iPass student ID card in the Academic Year 2015. If you want to renew the photo printed on the card, please send a digital photo (with a filename named after your student number) via e-mail to by April 10, 2015 (Friday). Photo requirements are illustrated in the Attachment. For those who fail to submit the file by the prescribed deadline or with an incorrect format, the photo will not be accepted.


Students who fail to sign or disapprove the Notification of Personal Information Processing for Digital Student ID Cards will receive a regular student ID card, which has no function of adding value and making micropayments and grants no student discount on Kaohsiung MRT. If you would like to give a supplementary authorization or approve the authorization, please visit the Registration Section by April 10, 2015 (Friday) to sign a letter of consent in writing. Those who fail to sign by the prescribed deadline will receive a regular student ID card only. If you would like to activate the stored-value function in the future, you will be asked to pay NT$69 for activation and registration. 

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