About Us

In order to capitalize on the growing importance of leisure, recreation and tourism, E-United Group, which I-Shou university is affiliated with, has been working on investment projects such as shopping mall, hotels and amusement park around I-Shou University since the early 2000s. With such advantage, in 2005, the Dean of the College of Management at I-Shou University, Dr. Julia Lin appointed a task force to establish three new departments that share the common goal of contributing to the needs of individuals, the community and the society. In 2007, three new departments, including the Department of Leisure Management, were set up. In 2009, the program of Leisure Management was initiated in response to regional industry development and the need for professional individuals.

The goal of Department of Leisure Management is to equip our students with an international perspective for a management career within the leisure industries. In accordance with the goal, besides foundation courses in management and leisure, the curriculum consists of two core streams: “Event Programming” and “Leisure Industry Management.” Furthermore, in order to place our students on a pathway to success, we arrange for our students to undertake a six-month professional internship in domestic and overseas leisure industries. Through such a way of curriculum, combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we make our students more marketable. For the last seven years, the Department of Leisure Management has contributed to the development of leisure industry in Taiwan through its research and teaching.

As the Department of Leisure Management continues to grow in prestige and excellence, there has never been a better time to become a part of our distinctive learning community.